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Blue Christmas

Christmas time is a happy time of year for most people, but for some people,it’s not.

If you’re a believer in Christ, this world - and the home we live in - is not our eternal home. Listen to this episode to find out more about our heavenly home.

My reflections on 9/11/01 and the horrific events that happened that day.

Labor Day may be a Federal holiday, but enjoying our labor and what it pays for doesn’t have to occur only once a year.

What is your identity?

Do you have issues with your self-esteem? Listen to discover how to overcome those issues.

Summer means vacation for most of us. But do you know Who never goes on vacation?

The Holy Spirit is one of the members of the Holy Trinity, but how much do you really know about Him?

It’s a family affair

If you are a born again believer in Christ, you belong to two families. Listen to this episode to find out more.

Respect your rulers

My thoughts on how we should think about those who rule over us. As Christians, we are held to a higher standard.

Palm Sunday has more meaning than just palm branches. 

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