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Our lives can be so busy that we go, go, go until we can't go anymore.  Listen to this episode to see why a regular time of rest is so important. 

Two different people hearing news about having babies and two different reactions.  How would you react? And have you ever been prompted by the Lord to do something? How did you react?

It’s a family affair

Genealogy was important to the Hebrews and to people researching their heritage. But as members of the family of God, genealogy doesn't matter.  Listen to find out why. 

The gift of laughter

God laughs, and so should we. This is a podcast episode about some of the humorous stories in the Bible.

Lead us not into -

Temptation. A word not much heard anymore, but very important for a Christian to understand.

Ruth the humble

The book of Ruth is one of the shortest in the Bible, but it has lots to teach us.

The world around us may seem to be going mad right now, but Christians have one constant in the middle of any storm.

The threefold cord

A man and a woman become a couple, but there is Someone else who should also be in the relationship.

Trophy case

Trophies and other awards are all well and good, but as Christians, there is an award that is more important.

The three Omnis

“Omni” is a prefix that means “all,” and this episode covers three attributes of God that start with this prefix.

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